Thinking about buying property...
how much can you afford?

Should you go for it???
Sit down and consider your monthly budget
How much you WANT to spend on a house payment
Your "payment" includes the principal and interest on a property PLUS monthly costs for insurance and taxes and maintenance
Throw in lights, water and $200 a month just to be sure
That is the number you want to start with
Then see where that number fits in with
all of your other monthly expenses
Food, fun, vacations, gotta-haves and just life
Have reserves set aside just in case someone in the family loses a job
You decide that about $2,200 a month is your comfort zone
Play with the loan calculators and find out how much house $2,200 Or whatever you number is will buy
Research what your number will purchase
Speak with a mortgage broker or your bankerFind out if that is a number that you truly afford

"Get pre-qualified for a loan"
KNOW of what you qualify for.
Make sure that you understand the costs involved
Loans cost money
Often buyers are not aware of "hidden" cost
Now would be a good time to find yourself
an active selling agent
Be sure that you trust your Realtor


A good mortgage brorker can listen to your whole financial situation
and make loan recommendations
Speak with your banker
Talk with friends and family that have recently purchased
Ask them what they did right
But most important
Ask them what they did wrong
Learn from their mistakes
 Ask questions
Get answers that make you happy
Be sure that you understand
Work only with people who have earned your trust
Enjoy the hunt
You will know when you have found your home
Have any more questions
Please give me a call
my name is
Mary Lou Ciambriello