What Not to Overlook on a Final Walk-through

Be sure that:

  • repairs you’ve requested have been made. Obtain copies of paid bills and any related warranties
  • all items that were included in the sale price—draperies, lighting fixtures—are still there.
  • screens and storm windows are in place or stored.
  • all appliances are operating.
  • intercom, doorbell, and alarm are operational
  • hot water heater is working
  • HVAC is working
  • no plants or shrubs have been removed from the yard
  • garage door opener and other remotes are available.
  • instruction books and warranties on appliances and fixtures are there
  • all personal items of the sellers and all debris have been removed.

Reprinted from REALTOR® Magazine Online by permission of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. Copyright 2003. All rights reserved.

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